8 Baobab St, Runda Evergreen, Nairobi, Kenya

+254  768-608-716

DOB: April 10, 1942

Marital Status: Married 3x; Divorced 3x; no children


1976 Boston University Psychological Counselor Training

1970 Portland Metropolitan Police Academy Oregon Police Officer Certification

1969 Harvard University Ph.D. Philosophy

1967 Harvard University M.A. Philosophy

1963 Brandeis University B.A. Philosophy/American Civilization



2003- -- Research Associate, Agnes Scott College

2004 Consultant, State University System of Georgia

2001-03 Distinguished Chair in Ethics, U.S. Naval Academy

2000-01 Research Scholar, University of California, Irvine

1999-00 Research Specialist & Lecturer, University of California, Irvine

1984-99 President, AGREE Co

1995 Lecturer, California State University at Chico

1989-94 Associate Professor, Long Beach State

1983-84 Visiting Associate Professor, University of Houston

1977-83 Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

1977 Visiting Associate Professor, University of Houston

1976 Visiting Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati

1975-77 Researcher/Therapist, Boston State (mental) Hospital

1974-75 Visiting Assistant Professor, Tufts University

1973-74 Guggenheim Fellow

1972 Lecturer, Downstate Medical Center

1971-73 Research Assistant Professor, CUNY Graduate Center

1971 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Oregon

1969-70 Deputy Sheriff, Multnomah County (Portland, OR)

1968-69 Lecturer, Portland State University

1965 Teacher, Le Moyne College (Memphis, TN) [Summer]

1964-68 Teaching Fellow, Harvard University



1998 American Philosophical Association Rockefeller Prize

1994 National Endowment for the Humanities Study Grant

1991 CSULB Center of International Education Award for Curricular Development

1987 United States Patent Des 291,155

1978 Carnegie Mellon University Falk Grant

1973 Guggenheim Fellowship

1973 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship (declined)

1969 Harvard University Carrier Prize for Outstanding Philosophy Doctoral Dissertation

1967 Kent Fellowship (Danforth Foundation)

1966 New York State Regents Fellowship

1964/5 Harvard University Graduate Scholarship



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2012 "Meaning as Explanation," Houston


2005-06                                    President, Georgia Philosophical Society

2004 -05                    Vice-President, Georgia Philosophical Society

2001-03                                     Director, USNA EAC Colloquium Series

2001-03                      Chair, USNA Ethics Across the Curriculum Working Group

1993-95, 1996-99     President, Fiesta Terrace Homeowners Association

1984-98                                     Founder/President, AGREE Co

1977-82                                     Director, Philosophy Program, Carnegie Mellon University



2004    to State University System of Georgia (web based Introductory Philosophy course)

1981    to U.S. Senate on S.158 (to deem that a human fetus is a human being)

1980    to EVIST grant study of Allegheny County Air Pollution Control Statutes

1978    to Guttmacher Institute on Hyde Amendment (federal funding of abortion)


PUBLICATION REFEREE: Ethics, Nous, Synthese, Oxford U. Press, Cornell U. Press; MIT Press.



1991    California Council for Humanities, CSU Fullerton Conference on Environmental Ethics

1982    NEH Public Library Program



1993    Pacific APA, "Justification in Ethics"

1991    Pacific APA, "Ethical Theory"

1984    Eastern APA, "Abortion

1981    Pacific APA, "Formalist Ethics"

1980    Midwest APA, "Moral Decisions"

1971    Eastern APA, "Equality"



2002    1 Pasadena, CA radio show on the morality of war

1992    10 notes on moral dilemmas for Long Beach Press Telegram

1984    1 Houston, TX TV show on abortion

1972    1 national TV & 4 NYC & Philadelphia radio shows on abortion


COMMITTEES (since 1989)

2005- --    APA Committee on Public Philosophy

2003- --    Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Bioethics Committee

2001-03    USNA Midshipman Development Board

2001-03    USNA Ethics/Character Assessment Project

1992-94    American Association for Applied Ethics Executive Board

1992-94    CSULB Advisory Board for Ethics Conference

1993-94    CSULB Philosophy Department Library Committee

1991-94    CSULB University Affirmative Action Advisory Committee

1989-94    VA Medical Center, Long Beach, Bioethics Committee

1989-94    CSULB University Ethics Committee

1992-93    CSULB Philosophy Department Graduate Program Committee

1990-92    Chair, CSULB Philosophy Department Philosophical Activities Committee

1989-90    CSULB Philosophy Department Curriculum Committee



2003- --  Georgia Philosophical Society

2002- --   Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics

1992-94    American Association of Applied Ethics

1989-97     Moral & Political Philosophy Society, Orange County, CA

1987-89     Baylor College of Medicine Medical Ethics Research Group

1971-84     Society for Ethical and Legal Philosophy

1969- --    American Philosophical Association